Catskull Electronics is now closed. Thank you for years of fun and support!

The End of Catskull Electronics


As you may have noticed, orders have been shut down for the past few months. The reasons are pretty simple:

1. I got married!

2. Dan, our warehouse manager, is a new father!

Both wonderful things, but as you can imagine, they haven't left a lot of time for Catskull, on top of graduate school and full time work. To be honest, Catskull was never really something I had planned on or was prepared for, but the opportunity to take over came at a really fortunate time and I'll always be appreciative to Catskull Dave for the chance. If I'm going to do something like Catskull I want to be all in and fully dedicated, but right now I simply don't have the resources to do so. Thus, I think it's time to move on, and I'm sorry to those who were waiting for various restocks. In time I'll be shutting down the twitter and website. If permission is granted, I'll look into open-sourcing some of the designs as well.

I wish the lovely chiptune community nothing but the best! Hope to catch you at a show sometime soon, and looking forward to all the music and gadgets this amazing community continues to come up with.