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YM2149 Synth

Regular price $60.00

It’s a tiny little chip synth! The YM2149 is a neat little chip that was used in various retro arcade machines and consoles, including the Atari ST. It features three adjustable voices. They are mapped to MIDI channels 1-3.

V2 is finally here! Improvements over V1 include:

  • TRS MIDI (Type A) input, adapter sold separately
  • Balanced audio output (66/33, 33/66, and 50/50 L/R on the three output channels)

This synth is wrapped in clear heat shrink tubing for protection and durability.

A Max for Ableton Live plugin is now available! Check it out:


Credits to trash80 for design and coding. The source code is distributed under the GPL v3.0 and can be accessed here: