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YM2017 Reissue

Regular price $50.00

The cart that started it all is finally back. It's exactly the same as the original release but the cartridge features no LED display and has a great new label designed by Drew Wise. Compatible with PAL and NTSC systems (Analogue Mega Sg as well), but not with 32x or other exotic Mega Drive systems.

Limit 1 per customer. More stock is planned.

Track listing:

  • Luke McQueen - Palm-O-Rama
  • nooly - Deliverance
  • Jredd - Astro Blaster
  • Cosmo Buggi - Funky Latin Party
  • Savaged Regime - Solar Modulation
  • Tobikomi - Sunset Beach Galaxy
  • Uctumi - A Night to Let Go
  • Dya - Hostage Extraction
  • Laz - Festicity Zone