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The Last Super

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November 21st, 2020. The SNES turns 30 years old: it's time to celebrate!
Sadly, there is only one SNES cartridge left on Earth...
The Last Super is brand new Super Nintendo (SNES) game created to celebrate the 30th birthday of the console!
As the last SNES cartridge on Earth, you'll have to move and jump around in each of the 20 levels of the game so every SNES can play you! But don't let a SNES without cartridge for too long...
Extra bonus: this cartridge version also contains the small game "Keeping SNES Alive!".
Cartridge works in PAL and NTSC Super Nintendo/Super Famicom systems. To change between PAL and NTSC, simply reset the console 5 times quickly with the cartridge inserted and the region will be changed. Has been tested and is working in Analogue Super NT. Other clone consoles have not been tested and compatibility is not guaranteed.