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GENajam by Jamatar

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Sep. 14 2021 - Temporarily out of stock due to chip shortage.

Jamatar's GENajam is a front end editor for genMDM. It is a hardware interface to edit all 6 FM channels as well as TFI instrument loading from SD card. It also supports 6 voice polyphony.

A genMDM is required and sold separately.

For source code and additional instructions, see the Github repository.

Hardware overview:

  • 3.5mm MIDI TRS input
  • 3.5mm MIDI TRS output (to genMDM)
  • USB-C for power and code upload (no USB MIDI)
  • backlit Gateron yellow keyswitches
  • 16x2 LCD

Package includes:

  • GENajam
  • 8GB micro SD card
  • 3.5mm cable
  • USB-C to USB-A cable for power

While GENajam works with all genMDM models, including little-scale's original (requires DIN MIDI modification) and Catskull Electronics v1 (with DIN MIDI), it is designed to work best with the current genMDM revision with 3.5mm TRS for ease of connectivity. If you have an older genMDM, it's recommended to pick up a MIDI TRS adapter.

Even though GENajam doesn't support USB MIDI, genMDM does and simply connecting USB and GENajam to genMDM at the same time actually works quite well!

All code and design is by the incredible Jamatar! Code is open source and ripe for hacking. Onboard is a beefy Atmega1284p and currently only about 25% used so we hope that you can help improve the firmware and add new features!

For a software solution, check out 2xAA's web based genMDM Editor! It offers pretty much the same functionality but completely in a web browser. It's also a great way to make some nice TFI patches which can then be loaded on the GENajam.