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Dangan GB

Regular price $25.00

Dangan GB is a short simplistic boss-rush/bullet-hell shmup released for the Game Boy to celebrate the console’s 30th anniversary. This cartridge ships with the 1.1 release of the game.

  • 6 unique bosses with multiple phases
  • no bullet flicker
  • no slowdown
  • no tearing
  • plenty of bullets

Code, Graphics and Design: snorpung 
Music and Sound FX: nordloef

This game utilizes an all-new MBC5 cartridge design. All components are new (not recycled from old games), 5 volt tolerant, and not simply reflashed bootleg carts.

It’s recommended that you read the manual before playing the game (don’t worry it’s short and to the point). Also keep in mind that the game was made to be somewhat hard (but fair) and it may therefore not appeal to a casual audience.

Cartridge with label and protective case is included. No box or manual is included.

$5 of every sale will be donated to World Animal Protection.