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Arduinoboy Pro Micro

Regular price $50.00

The next generation of Arduinoboy is finally here! Arduinoboy Pro Micro features a small form factor (about the size of a USB thumb drive), USB MIDI, and now includes a more versatile link port that is compatible with GBC and DMG style link cables! It's also wrapped in clear heat shrink tubing for durability.

When connected to a PC with a micro USB cable (not included), a USB MIDI device named "Arduinoboy Pro" will populate which can them be opened in your DAW or other software.

The Quickstart Bundle includes the Arduinoboy Pro Micro, a 32k Gameboy Cartridge with mGB flashed on it, and a GBC style link cable. It includes everything you need to rock out with your Gameboy!

Here is a table that explains the difference between various Arduinoboy models:

Variant Price USB MIDI DIN MIDI Notes
Arduinoboy $16-$22 (kit) DIY kit only.
Arduinoboy Lite $25 ✔ (out only) Uses special fork of Arduinoboy code the improves midi out, but only does midi out.
Arduinoboy Pro Micro $33 It's tiny! About the size as a thumb drive.
Arduinoboy Pro
$45 Functionally identical to Arduinoboy, but smaller. USB-C connector, 3.5mm TRS jacks for MIDI In/Out