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Arduinoboy Shield

Regular price $16.00

This arduinoboy kit has been replaced by the Arduinoboy Pro. I am no longer offering assembled kits. These are still for sale, but I can’t offer any support. That means don't email me about this product.

Here is a table that explains the difference between various Arduinoboy models:

Variant Price USB MIDI DIN MIDI Notes
Arduinoboy $16-$22 (kit) DIY kit only.
Arduinoboy Lite $25 ✔ (out only) Uses special fork of Arduinoboy code the improves midi out, but only does midi out.
Arduinoboy Pro Micro $33 It's tiny! About the size as a thumb drive.
Arduinoboy Pro
$45 Functionally identical to Arduinoboy, but smaller. USB-C connector, 3.5mm TRS jacks for MIDI In/Out


This has been redesigned to be mostly pre-assembled. The only parts you'll have to solder are the MIDI jacks, the arduino headers, and the PS/2 jack (if you choose that option). You'll also need to pick up an Arduino Uno (should be about $5 on ebay or amazon). Photos showing the unit assembled are for demonstration only. Use this fork of the arduinoboy code:

There is strictly no warranty whatsoever included with the kit. No returns or refunds will be accepted.