Catskull Electronics is now closed. Thank you for years of fun and support!

Re-Opening Statement

"Running Catskull Electronics for the last 7 years has been a dream come true in many ways. I never really intended to start a business, I just wanted to make myself an Arduinoboy and you had to order at least 5 PCBs, so I decided to sell off the rest and keep one for myself. The rest is history.

My motivation has always been to give back to the chiptune community, make cool hardware available, and explore a cool hobby. As time has gone on, I no longer have the time and motivation to pursue those things. For many reasons, including my mental health, I need to step away. This decision has been weighing on me for about the last 2 years, and in December of 2021, I finally decided to close orders while I could sort things out.

I first met Keaton in 2016, and it was immediately clear to me that he was an extremely talented musician as well as a great engineer. As I pondered the future of Catskull Electronics, he came to mind and I reached out to him to explore the possibility of him taking over for me. We quickly reached an agreement and he drove across the country to pick up inventory and tooling. Throughout the entire process, I'm constantly impressed with his acumen and drive. I fully believe he will take Catskull Electronics to places I could have only dreamed of.

The best part of this experience is the friends I've made along the way. I've travelled the world and met amazing people at every corner. I truly value the friendships I've made, and am thankful for every experience I've had. While I will no longer be involved day to day, I still look forward to participating as a fan, and continuing to meet and hang with rad people around the world.

Thank you to everyone for your support over the years, and here's to many more years of having fun and building cool stuff!"

- catskull (dave)

"Hi, I'm Keaton! I first got involved with the chiptune community around 2007. If you're familiar with the midwest scene you might remember me from my days as Theta_Frost, and more recently as Key_Blue. I'm an electrical engineer by day, but a musician and artist first.

What Dave and I have in common is that we were both inspired to go into electronics because of all the cool hardware projects within the retro gaming and chipmusic communities. So to have this opportunity now really feels like I've come full circle. Dave has been a great mentor to me and has made something really cool with Catskull Electronics. I feel lucky to have this opportunity to work on tools for musicians like me.

The future of the store will be interesting. I have many ideas for both new products and community initiatives. For the next few months things will be like normal, but then I will be moving to Japan for graduate school and it is likely that the shop will mutate yet again.

Thank you for your patience as I take over orders and the day to day of running a business. Please feel free to get in contact with any feedback, ideas, or questions you might have. Chiptune never dies!"

- Keaton

Thanks again, and stay tuned for many announcements on the way!