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Arduinoboy Pro Quickstart Guide

Before testing the TRS-MIDI connection, we recommend testing MIDI first over USB.

1. Connect the Arduinoboy Pro via USB-C to your computer. Note that USB-C is responsible for data and power, so double check that your cable carries both signals.

2. Confirm that the LED next to mGB is lit up. This button switches between MIDI modes (i.e. LSDJ, mGB, etc). Sometimes when cycling through settings it may get stuck, remedy this by power-cycling (i.e. removing and inserting the USB-C cable) while holding the mode switch button.

3. Open up your MIDI capable software of choice and look for MIDI devices. The device should be recognized as Arduinoboy Pro.

4. Try sending a few notes. Even without the Gameboy connected, LED's on the Arduinoboy board should blink with each note.

5. Power on your GB with the mGB cartridge inserted.

6. Connect the green link cable from your GB to the Arduinoboy. Double check the orientation and jiggle if needed (the cables are unfortunately a little finicky).

7. Try sending a few notes again. MIDI channel 1 should produce a few characteristic Gameboy sounds on PU1 (pulse channel 1). Success!

This should help with the initial setup. Feel free to reach out to for any questions and help troubleshooting!