Price includes a gold plated PCB and a 2764 ROM. A DIP 28 socket is available for an extra $1.

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The min64 is a simple Commodore 64/128 cartridge. It is designed to sit flush with the cartridge slot, so it does not protrude out of the back. This allows the cartridge to remain safely in the Commodore at all times and will be safe during transportation.

The min64 is designed to work with a variety of ROMs. I use 2764 ROMs. If you use a larger ROM, it is necessary to duplicate the data to fill up the entire chip.

At checkout, enter a ROM you’d like flashed on the cart. If I can’t find the ROM or it doesn’t work, I’ll let you know. I use the email tied to your PayPal account for communications so make sure it’s current. You can always just contact me before purchase if you have concerns.

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