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Assembled by hand and ships within 10 business days.

The sequencer functionality does not work. I’m investigating it, but if you’re interested in that then don’t order for now!

This is a one-stop solution for MIDI on your Gameboy Advance! It takes advantage of the little used feature of the GBA called “multiboot”. Put simply, it allows the GBA to boot a ROM from the link port rather than from the cartridge slot. Thanks to that, this interface not only communicated between the GBA and a MIDI device, but it also contains the ROM needed to run on the GBA! Simply connect the interface to your GBA with the included link cable and the GBA will boot into the ROM automatically when you turn it on. Plug in your MIDI device and you’re ready to rock out!

This synth is wrapped in black heat shrink tubing for protection and durability.

Here’s a track made with the synth so you can see what kind of sounds are possible:

Download the interface ROM to test it out in an emulator. It won’t do anything, but you can get a hang of the interface!

Credits to sprite_tm for design and coding.

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