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Petris - A puzzle game of shapely pets for the Game Boy Color (not compatible with original/pocket)

Build your favorite pets in all shapes and sizes, keep ahead of dropping pieces and make it to the next level!

Download the manual (PDF)

Game Types
Try out a variety game play modes with different incentives and strategies:

  • Long Pet: Complete progressively longer pets to reach the next level.
  • Tails Cleanup: Clear all tails off the screen per level
  • Crunch-up: Keep ahead as the screen crunches upward and new pets appear
  • Level Up: Classic level-up style
  • Marathon: For the long distance player

Head-to-Head 2 Player
Two players can compete over Game Boy Link Cable (CGB and GBA) in all game types.
* Send crunch-ups to your opponent when you complete long pets or level-up. The last player standing wins the match.

Difficulty Settings
A range of difficulty levels make it suitable for all players, from relaxing to hectic:
* Easy / Normal / Hard / Expert / Beast

Other Options and features
* Choose from multiple sound tracks
* High Contrast mode for small and non-backlit screens
* Visual hinting for drop location/etc can be turned on/off

Music Credits
* Krümel (crumb)

Game Copyright © 2020 bbbbbr