Arduinoboy Lite

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Arduinoboy Lite is a special fork of the arduinoboy project. It is designed to improve LSDJ’s MIDI out mode in reliability and add features such as MIDI clock and on-the-fly channel switching. However, it only does MIDI out in LSDJ. If you want to use MIDI in or mGB, grab the Teensyboy Pro instead!

For a full list of differences, view the readme.

Like all of my arduinoboy offerings, Arduinoboy Lite is fully compatible with all Gameboy models except the micro. If a Gameboy Pocket/Color link cable is used, power is supplied via link cable. If a classic Gameboy (DMG) is used, a micro-usb connector should be used to supply power. Do not use the micro-usb connection if connected to a Pocket, Color, or Advance!

To use this product you need a copy of LSDJ and a flash cartridge capable of running it. This product is shipped fully assembled and tested.

Here is a table that explains the difference between various Arduinoboy models:

Variant Price USB MIDI DIN MIDI Notes
Arduinoboy $16-$22 (kit) DIY kit only.
Arduinoboy Lite $25 ✔ (out only) Uses special fork of Arduinoboy code the improves midi out, but only does midi out.
Arduinoboy Pro Micro $33 It's tiny! About the size as a thumb drive.
Teensyboy Pro $45 Functionally identical to Arduinoboy, but smaller. Mounting holes for installing into a case.

Credits to trash80 for original Arduinoboy design and coding, and ledfyr for the aboy-midiout-lite software.