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YM2020 is a music album on cartridge for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. It features 20 all-new tracks from 20 artists composed to show off the capabilities of the YM2612/SN76489 sound chip combo in Sega's 16-bit hit console.

Includes a region-free 32 megabit cartridge and case. It has been tested on PAL and NTSC systems, but is not guaranteed to work with 32x or clone/exotic Mega Drive systems. It has been tested and is working on Analogue Mega Sg.

Limit 1 per customer. Orders with more will be cancelled and refunded. Limited quantity available, more should be available depending on demand.

Track listing:

  • Catears - Night Vision

  • Dya Maiden - Voyage

  • Raijin Bolt - Action Fighter

  • SuperJet Spade - Mega Racer

  • zygrunt - Sunken City

  • Pulsing - Tigon

  • Retro Asobi - While the City Sleeps

  • th4 d34d - Reliquary of Dreams

  • Simon Hutchison - Be Kind

  • Tobikomi - A Night to Remember

  • Cyan - Straight To the End - Title Theme

  • Nullsleep - Virtua Heavan

  • Ten-ichi - DragonSlayer

  • 179092 - MiNd-LoCK

  • Laz - Chippy the Cat 3 - Endless Aquas Act 1

  • Voido McMerc - Bloody Mary

  • Jredd  - Urban Ninja

  • Robyn & Patrickm  - Haven is a Place on Earth

  • RigidatoMS - I'm All Ears to Adventure!

  • Biruhan - Beat 'em up, champ!



Drew Wise - artwork and design

Andrew DeRosier - code - hardware

Orgia Mode - additional hardware design


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