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genMDM v2 is here! Compared with v1, new features include:

  • Controller extension cable is no longer needed for use. The interface can connect directly to the #2 controller port.
  • Instead of a full size DIN 5 MIDI connector, the new MIDI TRS specification is used. As a convenience, a MIDI TRS adapter cable is included.
  • USB type C connector instead of antiquated mini USB.
  • About 1/4 the physical size of the v1 interface.

genMDM is a MIDI interface for the 16-bit Sega Genesis/Megadrive developed by little-scale. It features DIN MIDI as well as USB MIDI via the on board mini USB port. It is able to control all channels of the YM2612 FM chip as well as the SN76489 PSG chip.

Included is the interface, a MIDI-TRS adapter, and optionally a cartridge with the interface ROM. Due to a bug with the last firmware version released (103), this interface ships with firmware 102 and is not user upgradeable.

Note that polyphony was removed in a very early build of the firmware and is not present in any distributed genMDM.

Read the manual.

A cartridge running the interface ROM is needed. If you already have a flashcart, you can download the ROM here. Otherwise, you can purchase a cartridge here that is pre-flashed and ready to go!

genMDM is compatible with all official Sega consoles in both PAL and NTSC varaties. Sending MIDI CC 83 a value of 1 or 2 will toggle between PAL and NTSC tunings.

For more info, please read little-scales FAQ.