Arduinoboy Quickstart Bundle


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Shipping is flat rate $6 in the US. International shipping should be around $12. I’ll send a PayPal request after you order for the extra cost. Contact me if you have any questions!

This is a bundle designed to help beginners get off the ground. It includes:

All you need is a MIDI keyboard and you’re ready to rock!

The cable included will work with the Game Boy Color, Game Boy Pocket, and Game Boy Advance. If you want to use this with the original Game Boy (DMG-01), you will need a dual ended link cable. This is the one I use:

I hand assemble each kit, so please allow up to 10 days for assembly. If you’re in a rush, just get in contact with me and I’m sure we can work something out!

I will ship to the address entered on the PayPal checkout page, so please double check to make sure it’s correct. I also use the PayPal email for communications so please make sure it’s valid and you check it.

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